Here I go again – another book review. Computer problems (and a fall, I’m okay now, and holiday’s) have kept me from my regular Friday blog (I’m trying to make it regular).

The novel I just finished is Barbara Kingsolver’s new Unsheltered. “How could two hardworking people do everything right in life and end up destitute?” The woman in this family asks this question – (anybody out there resonate?)

In another time – Unsheltered follows two families living about a hundred years apart – this troubled husband and public servant asks, “How can a man tell the truth, and be reviled for it?”

The absolute relevance of Unsheltered to our lives and times is what struck me the most. Barbara Kingsolver hits that ‘hanging in limbo’ aspect of so many modern American lives. The worry over money. Worries over children. Worries over what the future holds. As a writer, I especially admire this novel’s painless teaching. About climate change. About how minds get stuck in the past. And how other countries have solved problems.

If there ever was one, this is a wake-up book. Easy to read. Interesting. And it’s just great fun that a major character is modeled on a real Mary Treat, who was “a nineteenth-century biologist whose work deserves to be better known.” A memorable character: we meet Mary recording a Venus Fly Trap digesting her finger!

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