A Cautionary Tale – You Must Take Care of Your Health

Once there was a spiritual woman – raised four kids as a single mother and all have graduate degrees. Took care of others. Took care of her health: eating right, exercising, and feeding spiritual growth.

She didn’t feel right. Last March the young male internist gave her pain pills. Then more pain pills as she complained. Ribs started breaking with more pain. She kept on managing a bookstore at a spiritual retreat center, even a vacation to California. But the pain didn’t stop and bones kept breaking.

Finally she went to a big-city physician. My friend has fourth stage multiple myeloma. The prognosis is not good.

Four Points

  • We must own our health. Pay attention. When our doctor or alternative

care isn’t working we must try something else. Ordinary medicine is wonderful at reassuring us, when we find someone we trust. But when something’s not right and our intuition keeps whispering, a strategy I now follow is to get the best possible medical advice, and then quickly begin exploring alternative non-invasive options.

  • Prevention is enormously easier than fixing after the fact. Prevention

means self-education, and yes, the dreaded self-control! No smoking, controlled drinking, eating right with no overweight and exercise that you will actually do. Prevention means finding and taking the supplements that are right for your body at this time.

Give aging healthily your best try by simply taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement that can add health to your years. Are you taking one? Linus Pauling said that dietary deficiency causes disease. A first line of defense for me is American Longevity 800-982-3197 or look them up on the web americanlongevity.com. When my arthritis

acts up I take their formula (half doses) and it goes away again. And depression stays away with daily walking and usual supplements.

  • Learn your lessons from illness and you don’t have to be sick. I wrote

Reconnecting the Healing Circle to cure my fibroids (I did) and to teach myself about health and disease. To paraphrase, “I wouldn’t take anything for what I learned.” A key lesson is that sickness has messages for us from as mundane as “You need to rest, slow down,” to “Keep this up or stay in this place and you’re likely to kill yourself.” Reconnecting is a true inside expose of one woman learning the lessons of health of mind/body/spirit, references included. Reconnecting is available from me for $10.00 plus postage.

Don’t forget: Good humor is a form of nutrition. Not to mention being more fun!

  • The spiritual nature of illness/sickness. This slamming against eternity

(or death) can be a momentous wake-up call. Who was it said, “Death clarifies the mind wonderfully?” What is important? What have we not done? How do we wish to live the rest of our lives? Are we pleased with our legacy?

So interesting to be in the midst of our ongoing lives while struggling to see beyond them. So fascinating to live long enough to gain appreciation, gratitude and some wisdom! How will we use these attributes?

Now, especially when the old paradigms aren’t working, we must pay attention to ourselves. We are most likely the expert we’ve been seeking. It takes uncommon courage to step out of the ordinary – but it could be your life you save. Or that of a friend you help.

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