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An enjoyable way to learn non-everyday facts. A disturbing encounter. A source of shocking facts you didn’t know. All of these. And more.

Moore, have you guessed by now? Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 sat calmly on my library’s New Books shelf. Michael Moore always tells me stuff I don’t know and his Fahrenheit 11/9 takes the cake—Flint water crises: greed, lying, cover-up from the governor on down. And Obama’s part, I really didn’t want to know. Is this truly the U.S.? Not the country I grew up in. And speaking of not wanting to know—there’s a lot on our present president. And how he got there.

When I look up Fahrenheit 11/9 on the Internet I find this movie did poorly, that is, didn’t make as much money as Moore’s usual movies. You might like to see the movie and decide for yourself.

I also watched A Private War, based on a true story of the woman war correspondent, Marie Colvin. They did a good job. But this is a tough, tough movie to watch.

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