A Kind of Throwaway

blog. A movie. A book. The movie: Green Book: Inspired by a true friendship. I’d heard about the movie, the only reason I grabbed it from an open shelf at my local library. Unlikely. Yet the two main actors: Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali (I’d heard of neither) carried the story, the film, me into engagement, then enjoyment. I cared about these unlikely characters. What fun. A good movie.

And moving right along, Lessons From Lucy. Dave Barry (yes, humor writer) tells of lessons he’s learning from his DOG about how to better enjoy his own old age (he’s 70, I think). Well here we go: Lessons:


Make New Friends (And Keep the Ones You Have.)

Don’t Stop Having Fun. (And if You Have Stopped, Start Having Fun Again.)

Pay Attention to the People You Love. (Not Later. Right Now.)

Let Go of Your Anger, Unless It’s About Something Really Important, Which It                           Almost Never Is.

Try Not to Judge People by Their Looks, and Don’t Obsess Over Your Own.

Don’t Let Your Happiness Depend on Things; They Don’t Make You Truly                                Happy, and You’ll Never Have Enough Anyway.

Don’t Lie Unless You Have a Really Good Reason, Which You Probably Don’t.

This book ends with a kicker, a shock:

“On Saturday, August 18, two days before we were going to take Sophie (daughter) to Duke, she woke up paralyzed from the waist down.”

Sophie recovers, but it takes a while. Dave says he’ll never be the same. And that: “Be grateful for what you have. (It’s probably more than you think.)”


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