A Marvelous Bonas

A marvelous bonus of the writer’s life is that a writer’s friends write books—enchanting, helpful and entertaining books and poetry. Books with stories behind them. In no particular order, let me share a few!
First, Brian L. Beeks, In Our Darkest Hour: Hope is an uplifting story of a pastor and his family dealing with Guillain-Barre Syndrome that unexpectedly hits his only son.
The back-story here is that I was privileged to work with Pastor Beeks in bringing this story to life. What can I say besides, “Straight talk from those who have come through some of life’s great challenges will always be treasured—and their courage admired,” words from the forward I wrote for this book.
Second, Lisette Langlois, Our Arabian Nights on the Terrace an entertaining, educational, I was there look at Moslem/Islam not what you’d think culture. Beautiful writing and cover.
The back-story here is that Lisette introduced me to her especially generous Hawaiian culture and helped enormously with my writing Princess Ruth. As I wrote in the Introduction, “At crucial early stages Lisette Langlois read pages and kept me going.”
Third, Diane Moore, A Slow Moving Stream, her umpteenth volume of poetry and a loving trip along Bayou Teche. Especially I appreciate the way Diane’s poetry is enhanced and beatified by Vickie Sullivan’s photographs. I will revisit often this amazing, deeply pleasing, and charming book.
The back story here is that Diane and I have been friends for longer than either of us can believe, ever since I lived in New Iberia all those years ago writing a romance set in Cajon country. I value Diane highly. Besides her huge outcrop of publications she manages to review her friends books so generously. (Check her reviews of my Hawaiian books.)
Fourth, Petra Rose Sundheim, Everything Scattered Will Be Gathered, basically is the story of how one woman overcomes the effects of patriarchal fundamentalism to become her own person. Her father was a minister and she was the only girl with seven younger brothers. Petra, in this thoughtful book, leads us gently into opening our minds and hearts to ideas and learning almost beyond our reach.
The back-story here is that Petra, beyond being the reason I moved from Maui to Kauai, is a friend who worked over much of this material in our writing group. Congratulations, Petra on your perfect cover and getting this book together for us to enjoy and learn from.
Fifth, Caroline Anaya, The Curious Upside of Growing Older, seven hints on how to embrace a best life. This short and sweet little book makes growing older almost fun. Well maybe it is fun, in a curious way!
Back-story. Caroline is a new friend who is health and nutrition minded—just what I want for myself!

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