A Quaker Friend

sent me an email that snared my attention:

Wake Up, America – We Are Frying Here in Africa.

Here are some excerpts:

“I understand from the internet that last weekend much of the United States was also frying. This week Europe is frying….

“Using the CIA World Factbook as a source, I calculate that in electricity consumption, the average American uses as much electricity as 496 Kenyans.

“I calculate that in oil consumption, the average American uses as much oil as 183 Kenyans…. Then in CO2 admission, the average American produces the same amount as 264 Kenyans….

“According to the War Resisters League, each person in the United States pays on the average $5636 for current and past military expenditures. The military is one of the greatest polluters and emitters of CO2 in the world. The average per capital income in Kenya is $2010. So the average American spends almost three times as much just on the military than an average Kenyan spends on everything. Why?

“This list could continue endlessly. Do these make for more “happiness” or better living?”

Do you want to help our fragile hot world? A beginning step might be going to davidzarembka.com and reading Wake Up America.        JoAnnLordahl.com

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