Age With Beauty

What fun to try something new! Aging With Beauty isa project of mine with history. I had the idea—something along the lines of “how to grow older with joy and health, grace and dignity.” I love to write about where I am/will be in life, to learn what’s out there, how I feel, what works for me, what I observe working for others, to draw my best conclusions, and finally to share my findings in writing. It’s a win-win. One of my favorite things.

I wrote a proposal for a book with ten sample days (Aging Into Beauty; the new title is better, a friend’s suggestion) shopped the proposal a bit, kept on doing private research and then sort of let the idea drift away when the proposal wasn’t quickly picked up.

Aging With Beauty is, for me, an idea whose time has come! Except now instead of writing the book all at once I’ll present it a day at a time in this Blog, posted periodically. In the past a trusted group of friends, reading early drafts of books, have been enormously helpful. Now, with the blog I’m hoping this wonderfully helpful and commenting circle of friends simply enlarges.

So, here goes. Day 1 of Aging With Beauty.

Day 1

The artist [we are all composing artists of our lives] is extremely lucky who is presented with the worst possible ordeal which will not actually kill them.
John Berryman, quoted from Poets’ Corner,
compiled by John Lithgow (Masculine nouns made
generic throughout this book).

A wondrous freedom and great addition to my life came from realizing that suffering and the so-called down side of life are simply other forms of experience. While I didn’t have to welcome unpleasantness into my life, I could lessen suffering by realizing there were lessons I could learn, actions I could take. In fact, I could, deliberately, choose to grown wiser, more empathetic, more of a complete human. And, incidentally, wise up and do a better job with dealing, as an aging woman, with life in our times.

I have the choice we all have: accept/name the distressing circumstances. Then get busy changing what doesn’t please me.

Or I can refuse to accept my situation, jump up and down and complain, deny, run away and I will remain stuck exactly where I am – exactly where I don’t want to be!

Changing my attitude, looking on the positive side definitely has a bright side.


I can change what I don’t like in my life. I begin today.

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