Alcoholism Epidemic in the US:

More Than 1 in 8 Americans Are Now Alcoholics. What!!

This is the headline in Dr. Mercola’s daily email. (Dr. Mercola is an alternative practitioner whose opinions and work I pay attention to. Read this entire article at

I’ve close-up views of alcoholism: father, husbands and I came perilously close myself. Let me share what saved me.

I was drinking a lot; everybody I knew did. My then boyfriend said, “You’re drinking too much. If you don’t quit I’m leaving.”
“Well,” I said after much back and forth arguing, “Of course I’m not an alcoholic. I can quit any time.”
“Prove it,” he said. “Stop for two months. I’ll bet you can’t.”

I’m stubborn. Sometimes a saving grace. I absolutely stopped drinking. But it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Right up there with stopping smoking. And taught me a valued lesson: for the casual drinker blending into the alcoholic there is a difference between “mental/social” addiction and “physical” addiction. (I’ve no doubt in my mind that without my boyfriend’s challenge I’d have become an alcoholic.)

With physical addiction your only choice is total abstinence. Get to AA as quick as you can. And stay there. If your loved one is an alcoholic get to Alanon. Pay heavy attention.

With the “mental/social” addiction (which is what I decided I had had) a total period of complete abstinence allows my body to reboot itself and clear the alcohol from my system. I can drink again but a lot more judiciously! And when I feel myself on that slippery slope of “too much” I stop. Also I’ve found that with meditation and other tension reducing behaviors like exercise and supplements tailored for my system, my desire to drink is greatly lessoned. (I drank to reduce stress and with lessoned stress I didn’t need the alcohol.)

A warning. With physical addition your only possible path to getting your life back is complete abstinence. AA has a lot of experience and they’re correct.

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