Better Late Than Never

A long habit: I tear articles from newspapers, magazines, make notes from books and write myself reminders of interesting things on whatever is handy. I sort of file these notes meaning that while some filing is orderly, much is not. Also I can dump really fascinating stuff in a folder – and completely lose sight of it! I have the article starred and I really mean to check out this material/article. But out of sight – out of mind.

Then some needful day I check say, a folder like Blog Ideas, like today. And find an article from The New York Times, August 6, 2017 profiling Barbara Oakley. I’ve highlighted her Four Techniques to Make You Smarter – which also highlight that this is “Barbara Oakley’s free online course “Learning How to Learn.”

I check it out and sure enough this course is free and available – How cool is that?

I haven’t yet taken this course. But it has moved way up on my list.

This article lists “Four Techniques to Make You Smarter:”

  1. Focus/Don’t – where you take a brief pause after focused work.
  2. Take a Break – Set a timer for your focused period of work (I’ve been doing this for years) and then take a scheduled break.
  3. Practice – putting things in “chunks” and then remembering the “chunk.”
  4. Know Thyself – People learn in different ways – learn how You learn.

This course takes approx. 12 hours to complete – I’m going to try it! Better late than never.

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