Finding a Partner, AND IT MAY BE YOU


The back cover of Finding A Partner and It May Be You asks: Would you marry yourself? That question not only stopped me cold, it propelled me toward a year of intense soul-searching and hard work. Once again I was living and writing the book I wanted to read. My introduction and Week One (of 36) are in the Preview; please take a look. Finding A Partner and It May Be You is one of my favorite books. Why? Starting from a fairly miserable personal space, here is (from an ending paragraph) what I wrote and lived myself into: [And by the way, so can you!]

As this first year on my chosen island of Kaua’i and this manuscript come to close, this feels like completion, closing a circle. And this “growing to be familiar” feeling is satisfaction and happiness. Wow. In this weeks’ Huna healing group, I was startled to hear myself say, “I love my life.” This stunningly beautiful island is my home. This world is my home. I’ve come home to myself.

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