Money Meditations for Women

FrontMoney150Jo Ann Lordahl’s book offers a thought-provoking quotation for each day of the year, providing insights for women who are interested in personal growth and financial wellness. This book is relevant for all women in today’s world. Each daily quote is paired with an inspirational affirmation, many of which are interwoven with wise and practical advise about money management. The overall message of this book is that women can and must create prosperity and financial security for themselves, improve their relationship with money, and learn to balance attitudes toward money with spiritual values. These intriguing daily readings guide the reader in looking at her own self, and in understanding her goals, values, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses as they apply to spending habits, earning potential, and financial worth. In this book there is no emphasis on consumerism, greed, materialism, or conversely, poverty. The book includes no get-rich-quick schemes. It offers both enjoyable and beneficial reading for any woman who would like to get a new perspective on money and set some achievable financial goals.

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