A Unicorn, A Pyramid, and A Forest

This is one of my favorite collections because of its diversity, and a certain ironic take on life. The original is somewhat different from this ebook as duplicates were removed and replaced. Following, in the Preview, is one poem from each of the three sections: A Unicorn, A Pyramid, and A Forest.

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Hunting Butterflies

This collection of 119, mostly short, poems and The Beginning and The End are my earliest written and published poems. Today I would rewrite many of these poems (or not publish them). But early work is necessary. These observations share my acquiring of wisdom.

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Night Thoughts: Dreams of Pain and Joy

Poems are sometimes in unexpected forms and from personas different than our own. This mysterious mixed bag of 56 poems comes from many discrete experiences, real and imagined. The Crescent Beach poems were written at Crescent Beach, Florida; a dear friend invited me for a week to share her brand new cottage. The Dorland Mountain poems came from a lovely stay at this Arts Colony in southern California.

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Skylight Poems

The majority of this collection of 32 poems and two prose pieces were first published over several years in Skylight, an arts magazine of St. Augustine, Florida. Some special Women’s Poems were added and five from my non-fiction, Reconnecting the Healing Circle.

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The I Who Speaks Is Not I

These 67 poems aim to explore many aspects of women’s lives. Before I could write the non-fiction, The End of Motherhood: New Identities, New Lives, these cathartic, necessary poems cleared my emotions. Some, bordering on bitter, needed expression so that particular detour could be released. Frequently poetry lets me find out what I think and feel. The play, Four Women Speak, also has its genesis in these poems. Check the Preview for some happier, and equally expressive, poems.

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The Beginning & The End

These and Hunting Butterflies are my earliest written and published poems. Mostly short, they tell the story of the breakup of a relationship and the slow beginning of another. Of coming back to life.

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