About Romances

If sweet, old-fashioned romance is what you need, then you will love the romance novels of Jo Ann Lordahl.

Let yourself be swept away by her enchanting characters and intriguing stories.  Each story holds a special sense of place and nature that lingers long after you close the book.

Jo Ann draws from her well of life to write page turners in a variety of genres. Besides romance, Jo Ann has woven works of spiritual guidance, novels, meditation guides, poetry, and more. Her writing addresses women’s studies and other global issues, and includes a trilogy chronicling one woman’s journey as “maiden, mother, elderling.”

JoAnn Hawaii9B150Her latest triumph, a sequel to Princess Ruth: Love and Tragedy in Hawaii, is A Secret Kept in Hawaii. Both are historic novels, incorporating romance, history and activism and are receiving some rave reviews!

Choose a book or two and settle in for a delicious, enlightened journey. More of Jo Ann’s many books can be found at her website: http://www.JoAnnLordahl.com.