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Writing books that actually help others and myself clearly continues to be my motivation for over thirty years now. It makes me feel I’m going my bit at solving the puzzles of our time – which only become more intriguing as I age. How to live a happy life, in its broadest sense as a woman of this time with these resources and challenges and desires is a conundrum… a question now segueing into – How to die having lived a fascinating, fulfilling, fill-in-the-blank life.

What a privilege to live in this marvelous technological time where I can offer you the fruits of my writer’s, woman’s life while catching up with friends past, present, and future.

Stay tuned! I’ll blog in here at least once a week. Here are a couple of examples of stuff I’ll be sharing: From NEW  PROSPECTIVES on MONEY MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN


Every woman has the power to create her own future. With proper planning and choices, she can realize objectives and goals she never dreamed possible. You can be that woman.

Judith Martindale & Mary Moses

Self-control is a valuable commodity. Not eating the extra cookie, saving money in a workable plan, walking every day: these build self-control.

Think of self-control as a muscle that grows strong when you exercise it and weak when you don’t!


Through planning and choice I create the financial future I want.

And a poem from last Friday showing exactly where I was. What doesn’t show is the clearness and freedom gained from writing it!

What Will Be

I scream at the edges
so caught in a goal
nothing registers.
I want what I want.
Now is too late.

I wind tighter.
Scream higher.
Compact like a
black star.
Humanity fled.

Eons of blackness pass.
My choice: Life. Death.
A glimmer of frail light –
Reality can’t change –
I must.


Judith A Martindale & Mary J Moses, Creating Your Own Future, Sourcebooks Trade, 1991.

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