Chronic Resilience


“Getting sick is your body’s way of telling you that things need to change,” writes Danea Horn, author of Chronic Resilience. No matter your present state of health (physical and/or mental) Chronic Resilience gets my vote for an incredibly helpful book, especially for women.

I read book after book about healing and the mind-body connection, and I was dismayed that I couldn’t heal myself with prayer, meditation, or diet. I misguidedly took on the burden of feeling responsible for my illness. I thought that maybe I was too negative, or karma was following me around creating pain and loss. I shamed myself for the state of my health. It wasn’t just that there was something wrong with my body, there was something wrong with me. My body didn’t work correctly, and it was my fault. Talk about a burden!

Being ill eats up your life. As our outside world flies away in faster and never-ending swoops of futile war, Ebola, climate change, and increasing power and money for the top one percent – depression, illness, futility, and not-able-to move-itus can take up residence in our hearts. Whether it’s physical or mental low-moods, we’re got to stay well and happy so we can fight back by creating health, and positive change and meaningful lives.

Chronic Resilience helps me fight back by presenting sensible ways of dealing with whatever my present state of health – physical and mental! Chronic Resilience can change your life.

What is the state of your health? What steps can you take to change what you don’t like?

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