A couple of contrasting past experiences brought happening of this past week into sharp contrast for me. 1) I grew up in Alabama; it’s a beautiful state. Yet Alabama now has a woman governor who signed an unbelievably restrictive abortion bill. 2) I worked incredibly hard, years ago trying to get the ERA through the Florida legislature. We missed by three votes (I have a Thank You letter from then governor Askew).

My mood is low. How can this country, and two states I love, be so careless of women’s health and lives, so punishing?

To drown these negative voices last Friday, I’m re-reading a library book – calming, rational, good writing—when it hits me—Comfort Books! I need a shelf of Comfort Books, a place of forgetting when the world overwhelms. Four books invade my mind right away, books I’d always planned to buy my own copies of, but never got around to doing it.

I get on the Internet, to Abe Books (a discount house) and have ordered four Comfort Books—at a grand total of less than sixteen bucks!

We must all take good care of ourselves in these perilous times—they can’t last forever. Your own shelf of Comfort Books may help you survive.

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