Ever followed a line

of behavior you knew deep down wasn’t quite right? But you shut your mind. And kept going. And going. Life happening all around you. Busy. Busy. No clarity. No time for serious questions. Or examination of what exactly is going on in your life. How you really think about day-to-day events. What is truly important?

For years, I shoved this part of my life under a wide mental rug—too busy to examine individual events. Too scared. Too lazy. To prone to accept excuses for myself.

Then one day – well here is how I put it to myself: I’m going to clean up messes! Tons of the ancient smelly smoldering things were lying about. I’m not finished yet. Barely scratched the surface as it were. Amazingly, I make progress. Even more amazing is how heavy burdens are lifted. I had no idea how light and calm I’d feel.

What, you ask, brought this change of behavior? Will you laugh when I tell you I think it’s as simple as a walk every day? One difference from my usual exercise routines over the years: I wake up. Visit the bathroom. Drink some water. Get dressed immediately and out the door! Walking. Twenty minutes or so about as fast as I can. I’m set up for the day.

Mind, fresh and clear, I’m slowly clearing these messes. Speaking of which—Facebook, my web page, and my blogs. Almost from the ‘get go’ I’ve been doing them wrong. Not to my best advantage. I don’t need two Facebook pages and am phasing out the Personal one. For years, I post Blogs on the Personal when I mean the Public. From now on the Personal fades while the Public gets some extra old blogs. And a new one. Every Friday.

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