Exercise III

A life-task most of us must paid attention to is food and weight.


1. Remember: What we think is what we tend to get. Affirmations help: I now weigh — (whatever your ideal weight), for example. Think good thoughts; cultivate your spirituality, your kindness to yourself and your world. Be grateful.

2. You’re more important than anyone’s hurt feelings over what you’re putting in your mouth. Never, never ever eat or drink anything you don’t want. When you do try something new and don’t like it, without a good reason, don’t finish it.

3. The French, and I, use 7-inch plates. Our eyes see a full plate, get full faster.

4. Train yourself into conscious eating. Pay attention and do deep research into the right food for your physical and emotional body. Find right-for-you vitamin and mineral supplements to take appropriately. Many, in my opinion most, food cravings come as our body tries to fill an unfilled nutritional need. Watch when and how you eat; if overeating is emotional, you’ll need understanding so you can make permanent changes.

5. Eat close to the source – raw or steamed fresh vegetables. Raw fruits and nuts. Organic when possible including organic forms of protein. Eat more nonpoluted fish and eat vegetarian at least one or two meals a week. More often is better. As is soup. Careful with protein—some at every meal is good for most.

6. Make mealtimes pleasant and beautiful. Arrange your food and go outdoors, to the beach, a park. Eat slowly and chew well. Listen to music, enjoy.

7. Take clues from French Women Don’t Get Fat and learn more ways to integrate healthy eating into an enjoyable life. Notice when you eat and always have good-for-yourself munchies available. Watch eating after 7 pm and don’t do it as a regular thing.

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