Exercise Series – No. Two

“Exercise may be the most important lifestyle intervention you can add,[1]” This blog is the second in my Exercise Series. Today is about ourselves and keeping our immune system in tip-top condition so we not only help ward off COVID-19, but ill-health and aging as well.          

Here are two concerns about our immune system mentioned in this timely article:

            Aging Effect No. 1 – Fewer immune cells as we age (exercise help us keep our immune cells and grow new ones.

            Aging Effect No. 2 – Rising Inflammation (inflammation is a serious-type problem. Consistent exercise is vital.)

Help your immune system by 1) Exercise of course! But movement. Walk, do housework, garden, rise and sit down ten times from your chair several times a day. Get creative about moving your body. 2) Weight. “Obesity is deadly when it comes to inflammation.[2]” And belly fat is the worst. Exercise will help you get and keep off excess weight – this is a time for will power and clever eating! and 3) Self-knowledge. Learn – and accept – where your health is right now. Get the numbers from your doctor – blood pressure, blood sugar – along with 4) Nutrition. A key to proper nutrition, especially as we age, is learning what supplements are correct for our body NOW. Take a good look at the basics: “Vitamins A, C, D, E and the B vitamins, along with folic acid, iron, selenium and zinc.” A big key to proper weight, I believe, is proper nutrition. When our body is missing nutrients, I believe, we then tend to eat too much in a blind attempt to get what our body needs.

Now is the time to take advantage of the extra motivation, and perhaps extra time, that these critical times offer. Write up your Health and Exercise program. What commitment to yourself will you make?

[1] “Who Gets Sick – And Why,” AARP Bulletin, Special Pandemic Issue 2020, pp10-14.

[2] ibid.

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