This is the first in a series on EXERCISE – a long time interest of mine. “For every hour you exercise, you extent your life by two hours,” says Dr. Larry Gibbon.[1]

Exercise helps prevent illness, boosts energy, lifts mood, improves sleep, reduces fall risk, and enhances social life.

“According to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), 20 percent of all cancers diagnosed in the U.S. are related to poor dietary choices and lack of exercise.

About two out of three Americans are overweight or obese … Be physically active as part of everyday life,” advises the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter 5-5-20.

A problem with exercise is actually consistently doing exercise. I know exercise is good for me. And that I want and intend to exercise. My motives are excellent.

The concern is making a habit of daily exercise, a habit that I will actually follow. “Most people realize that exercise is necessary for health and longevity. The challenge that prevents many from implementing a regular fitness regimen is lack of or inconsistent motivation.”[2]

As mentioned earlier, exercise is a long time interest. I wrote a book that’s still apropos – well worth a look 100 Motivators For Educators: Affirmations For Good Health and Good Living, Corwin Press, 1997. See information on my website: JoAnnLordahl.com. Next week’s topic is Exercise: How to Exercise for Best Effects.

[1] Dr. Larry Gibbon, a specialist in preventive medicine and medical director of the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, quoted in Michael O’Shea, “Parade’s Guide to Better Fitness,” Parade Magazine, July 2, 1995.

[2] Mercola’s Home Workout, 9-9-16.


Exercise — 2 Comments

  1. Tennis with Larry was my daily exercise for most of my life. Now I mostly walk and sometimes swim. Unless I enjoy the activity I won’t keep exercising. I like being out of doors in the natural environment.

  2. Jo Ann,
    I left a comment when this post first appeared but later it was gone. I think it was about how Larry and I had played tennis together for about fifty years.
    My observation was that it is easier for me to exercise when when I really enjoy it.

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