Food as Medicine

I first got this idea years ago of treating myself with food from learning about the Chinese culture, studying Tao, and finding out about acupuncture. Plus owning a good Chinese cookbook. And I suppose more Mindfulness later on, paying serious attention to how my mind, and body actually felt after eating particular foods.

Just recently I ran this little experiment. Eat two organic eggs for lunch. Eggs are a wonderful inexpensive source of good nutrition. Plus being handy and quick to fix. A couple of hours later and I was miserable. Allergic to eggs, I’ve developed the habit of eating eggs/omelets only for dinner; I’m asleep when the tiredness hits. I wanted to check out if I was still allergic to eggs. I am. And won’t repeat that little experiment any time soon.

And glory be, scientific experiments are now happening. For example, “Dr. Drew Ramsey argues that a poor diet is a major factor contributing to the epidemic of depression, which is the top driver of disability for Americans aged 15 to 44, according to a report by the World Health Organization.”

Ramsey adds that most Americans are overfed in calories yet starved of the vital array of micronutrients that our brains need, many of which are found in common plant foods.” Learn more of Dr. Drew Ramsey at and from a Richard Schiffman New York Times, March 28, 2019, article about food and Dr. Ramsey

For a long time I’ve been trying (as recommended all over the place) to consistently get more fruits and veggies into my diet. I’m going for the lowest: minimum one cup of fruit a day, two cups of veggies. And from their experiments, the fruit and veggies have to be fresh – canned doesn’t get it. Wish me luck.

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