Happy Easter

Since I took a rather disconcerting fall earlier this week, I’m taking an easy way out with this week’s Blog. Which is mostly a long quote.

Alexander McCall Smith, a quite interesting Scottish author who has 5 or 6 or more series going has written The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection. This series is set in Africa where Smith has lived. His series on Philosophy is my favorite, but Limpopo in the No. I Ladies Detective Agency series is pretty interesting. And, especially for Easter, I thought, offers elevating ideas in these dark days of Notre Dame in Paris burning:

 “… there were plenty of old Botswana sayings … that gave you little rules for getting through life, for coping with its disappointments and sorrows. And did it matter, she wondered, whether they were true or not? Words ‘could’ hurt you, and hurt you every bit as badly as sticks and stones. So that saying was wrong; but that was not the point. The point was that if it made you better, made you braver, then it was doing its work. The same thing was true, Mma Ramotwe thought, of believing in God. There were plenty of people who did not really believe in God, but who wanted to believe in him, and said that they did. Some people said that these people were foolish, that they were hypocritical, but Mma Ramotswe was not so sure about that. If something, or somebody, could help you to get through life, to lead a life that was good and purposeful, did it matter all that much if that thing or that person did not exist? She thought it did not—not in the slightest bit.”

Happy Holiday Weekend

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