Healthy, Happy YOU

365 Daily Micro-Actions For Lasting Change by Nora Rosendahl, Nelli Lahteenmaki, et al. Wow, a small daily book that adds up to big change. Things I will actually try. Like: The Two- Minute Rule. “Quite simply, if something takes two minutes or less to complete, do it right away. Don’t write it down, don’t add it to you to-do list, just do it. It’s surprising how many simple things we put off when we could get them done really quickly.”

Healthy, Happy YOU covers four main topics: Food, Mind, Move, Love as it offers sensible easy suggestions for change. Since this is an interactive book—you’ll need your own copy. I checked it out on Amazon. Eleven bucks plus postage. And the book even comes with a ribbon to keep your place—less than 4 cents a day for a year. And I can easily visualize this book lasting the rest of my life.

Take a quick look at your library. See what you think.

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