Hints to Motivate You


A most wonderful gift you can give yourself is being able to do what you want to do and vow you will do – consistently. These hints to motivate you will help.

1. Do your chosen task early. If walking every day, either do it early or tie your exercise to another activity. I used to do my 15-minute face/yoga/stretching exercises to Ophra, then Dr. Oz and now to low-down blues at six pm.

After struggling for years to meditate every day—and failing—just couldn’t keep up daily practice—now I meditate as soon as I wake and visit the bathroom—it’s the only method that consistently works for me.

2. Use rewards and punishments. One of the hints to motivate you that I’ve seen work is to choose an amount and pay it—five, ten—dollars every time you lose your temper. A dollar for less serious violations. This brings negative behavior to your immediate attention; you can’t let the event slide by and you will get better and better at catching yourself. Donate your contributions to charity. Or to a favorite relative. Be consistent and your chosen behavior will change you as you wish. Will help you form good habits, shed less productive ones.

3. Distract yourself. Stuck in traffic? Do Kegels or other exercises. They’re for men too and Google tells you how to do them. In a bad mood or someone doesn’t love you? Distract yourself with an engrossing movie. Someone treats you badly? Go for this spiritual solution, which always makes me smile: Mentally tell the person, “Thank you for being so difficult!” Leaving me free, you don’t say, to practice my best spiritual beliefs!

4. Think about it. I bet you can come up with even more excellent hints to motivate you!

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