How Fascinating

to come across information, maybe an email, that tells you exactly what you (I) need to hear.

“One of my proudest professional accomplishments is a weird one: I convinced a handful of colleagues to just give up,” writes this morning’s Tim Herrera in his New York Times column, Smarter Living.

Actually, after a restless night, I’d already decided to hang it up – the hanging up to consist of many month’s long efforts to get published (on Amazon) the second book of my Memoir, My Unveiled Face: A Memoir of a Free Woman. One thing after one thing after another after another happening to the friend who had agreed to put up the manuscript. I truly was about ready to accept any compromise – just get the blasted book up so I can forget it.

But the last proof copy – this one, would you believe? – had no numbers! No page numbers. And a lot of blank pages. And a cover that was too dark. And cluttered. And on and on I go. Until I “get it.” I understand. It’s back to the drawing board for me.

And wouldn’t you know it? I look through old papers and find a long poem about my father that needs to be added to this book. Now I can add it.

And, again, courtesy of my library, just when I need it, along comes Eric Greitens’ Resilience. I’m going to love reading Resilience. My kind of book.

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