How Gorgeous is Spring!

Edna St. Vincent Millay’s Spring and “little leaves opening stickily.” The pale chartreuse green of tiny leaves pushing off their brown precursors is simply stunning. Flowers all over the place: azaleas, camellias, and in the parks and on sidewalks tiny little flowers of pale blue, white, and violets, wild purple violets there at my feet. I took my yogurt and honey lunch to the park and strolled its edges.

I feel almost guilty as I watch snowstorms on TV – cars sliding into each other and huge trucks into ditches. Temperatures so cold I can’t even think about them without shivering in sympathy. Tales from friends of rain, cool dark endless rain. No respite in sight. While I watch squirrels play out my window and ducks chase each other mating to make more fluffy cute baby ducks. Turtles come to bask on the shores of the pond. Spring. It won’t last long. I manage to ignore scary undertones of heat records being broken this February—climate change working its way into my consciousness.

Now to drastically change the subject: “Thirty present of all adults have student debt.” I reel in disbelief—would not believe except for reading this in last Sundays’s New York Times, Of Interest. I can’t help hoping this shameful statistics is not true. Thirty percent.

Here’s a brief book to lift your mood by Quaker, Ellie Caldwell, This Way In: The Inner Life is hot off the press as it were and available on Amazon/Kindle. My quote is on the back cover, “This wise little book, written for beginners, reminds me why I must keep up my daily practice.”

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