Hurricane – Sept 18, 2017

Imagine. It’s a week after Hurricane Irma has passed leaving you without power – No electricity. No cooking, no air-conditioner, no phone charger, no computer or TV. But you do have water. And a very congested yard: leaves, branches, Spanish moss. And a big fallen tree that went that way instead of this way and onto my house! Leaving me, thankfully, with an intact roof and patio screens. (Fate dealt the falling tree to a man who cuts trees for a living – go figure!)

The yard is cleaned up (two big piles of debris for the county to haul away). The power is back on! Lights, air-conditioner! It’s Monday morning and you rather automatically turn on your electric stove for oatmeal.

What! No stove lights. Cold as a cucumber. “Oh Lord,” you mumble, “a new stove.” You heat your water for green tea in one of those plug-in pots, toast a slice of Ezekiel Sesame bread for peanut butter and eat breakfast reading your daily 365 Tao, September 18, “Silence” with a worried mind.

Your mind settles. Remember, a day ago when you fixed the air-conditioner and the refrigerator by fiddling with the circuit breakers?

Finishing your peanut butter toast, you turn on the non-working stove; go to the back room, carefully read the circuit breakers going past the one that says “kitchen” to the double breaker that reads “stove.” This breaker is hard to move but you push like crazy until the breaker moves. You check the kitchen.

Hallelujah! Red lights. The stove works!

Such a small thing. Such an amazing thing. I fixed the problem! I’ve cleaned the yard. I’ve survived another hurricane with the aid of helpful friends and neighbors. The sun shines. I feel better than great.

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