when I think of all the helpful current books I don’t pick up because the title turns me off! Or something trivial like the cover.

Fate struck straight to my heart. A friend sent me Goddesses Never Age saying something like, “Jo Ann you could have written this book.” Of course I have to read the book!

Reality is I couldn’t have written Christiane Northrup’s book; I have nothing like her medical knowledge. Still my friend is correct; I did write a version of this book: Finding A Partner AND It May Be You, 2005.

Both Northrup and I (besides writing ourselves empowered and free) are telling of our personal journeys and showing how you too can take your own power and health. If being healthy and living an extra long healthy life are interests of yours—then my strong recommendation is that you get your hands on Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup, M.D. I’m marking my copy, checking things I can, and will, do to increase present happiness and health.

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