Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye – Revisited

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A bit over three years ago I wrote an enthusiastic early review for Ellie Phillips, a dentist who wrote Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye. I said, “I’ve already started her program (it helps that I’ve recently broken a tooth). My pound of Xyla (xylitol) is recently bought – two teaspoons a day for maximum benefit… But, as I was warned, work up to the two teaspoons slowly as there is a strong laxative effect.”

I’ve kept steady to this program of two teaspoons a day of xylitol – a sugar substitute derived from Birchwood. Sometimes a little uneasy it must be confessed – this was a new health program – even though I’d checked out Ellie Phillips and xylitol on the Internet, both with positive results.

Three years later and I couldn’t be happier with results. “Healthy teeth and gums,’ says my dentist, fixing a small break in a wisdom tooth, “no reason why you shouldn’t keep your teeth as long as you live.” Two teaspoons a day of xyla/xylitol and no worries about my teeth! I’ll keep up this program.

Although I don’t know you personally, Ellie Phillips, I send you blessings for your informative book: Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.

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