Long time, no blog.

Long time, no blog. Reasons: I always have reasons and excuses. This time it’s a move to Cross Creek, Florida down the street from Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ (The Yearling) house. AND I’ve been working on my Memoir now expanded into Four Books. The first will go up on Create Space&Amazon/Kindle in a week or so.
Meantime I’ve been reading and as always would like to share a few choices:
Fiction: Jill Alexander Essbaum’s Hausfrau. Gorgeous words. Get past the shocking language, and behavior, and you have an intriguing look at choices for women of our time. And, at the end, where to go for help. Not happy but more real than not I’m afraid.
2) Allegra Goodman and her Intuition. She writes the kind of thing I love: deep looks at a subject (grants and labs in this case) combined with an enthralling story.
3) And on the same subject of science is Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl. This combination of truth and fiction but written as fiction tells a lot about plants and trees. Here’s an early quote “… being able to derive happiness from discovery [learning] is a recipe for a beautiful life.” page 29
4) Finished Barry Eisler’s Livia Lone and I am incredibly impressed with his achievement. Eisler has done exactly what I wished to do in my Hawaiian books: Princess Ruth and A Secret Kept. At the close of a rattling good story he has NOTES in which, chapter by chapter, he gives his major internet sources AND then he has a SOURCES list with the books and internet addresses that informed his writing.
I wanted both the accurate research (which I make into footnotes in my novels) and the fascinating story but wasn’t skilled enough to blend story and research as seamlessly as Barry Eisler. How purely wonderful to read a novel (this about human trafficking) and find this detailed research for the concerned reader. And resources which show how the reader can help.
5) Now some non-fiction: David Servan-Schreiber, Anticancer: A New Way of Life. How lovely is serendipitous reading! Cancer isn’t touching me and so I have no reason to read this book published in 2007. My friend Carol loaned it. Anticancer turns out to be one of the best nutrition books I’ve ever read, wonderful studies and documentation. For example, I now, unfailingly, drink a steeped for ten minutes cup of green tea every morning. And I always put black pepper with my turmeric. But alas too, too bad, David died at 50 – after 19 years the brain tumor got him – and, as he relates, not taking care of himself, or getting enough rest – pushing, pushing. Except he did finish in 2011: Not the Last Goodbye: On Life, Death, Healing, and Cancer. A lovely book. I cried. A lovely man.

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