Modified: GMOs and the Threat to Our Food,


Our Land, Our Future is a new book by Caitlin Shetterly, a young woman struck with a sensitivity to genetically modified corn. This sensitivity ran her through a bunch of most unpleasant symptoms and took doctors tons of money and time to figure out.

This well-researched book lets us see GMOs through the clear eyes of someone who desperately needs to know the truth. I applaud her courage and perseverance and her hard work as a writer in solving the questions of bringing more truth about genetically mortified organisms to the public.

I am a concerned person (I’ve written a couple of novels) that also attempt to expose truth, and I’m intrigued by different paths writers use. For example, Modified goes straight down the line—this is what happened to me—I ate ordinary genetically modified food and it made me sick. Here’s my journey to truth. Here’s how and what I learned. Reading Modified is much like reading a mystery story. Fascinating details slowly emerge.

While writing Princess Ruth: Love & Tragedy—my novel to tell the truth of the Hawaiian people and of GMOs—at a crucial point I had equal piles of research and of story. Unable to dumb down my research I finally hit upon the method of footnoting a novel!—both telling my story and keeping research details in footnotes which a reader could pursue or skip. Later I ran across a book which Caitlin Shetterly also mentions, Mike Paterniti’s The Telling Room; his footnotes may run an entire page and may tell you more about cheese than you’re ready for! Interesting though.

On the other end of this spectrum of truth telling to reading audience, I just finished Annie Proulx’s Barkskins over 500 pages of novel and forest leveling and pure greed (nothing new under the sun) over the time span of this country. An entirely brave and entertaining undertaking; except I yearned for footnotes and straight facts and figures and would love more glimpses of the research behind the novel.

How to bring truth to the public? To each writer their own methods.

For facts and information and entertainment, take a look at Modified which rather brilliantly solves this concern.

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