Never Too Old For A


new experience. I was walking down the sidewalk near the Tom Petty Park. Suddenly dogs appeared rushing from the house with a gorgeous blooming pink Japanese tulip tree I am admiring. The first small friendly dog came running over to me—but was pushed aside by a big brown dog that quickly cocked its head. Bit my left leg. A good chomp. I was stunned with surprise.

The owner quickly grabbed both dogs into her house. Came back and apologized like crazy. I’ve pulled up my pants leg. See my leg is bleeding. Front and back. And beginning to swell up. The owner wants to clean my leg, which is getting worse. She says she’s been bitten a lot. And that my skin is thin! About that time I realize I’ve got to get to my doctor. Long story short, my terrific Dr. Provost sees me right away. A tetanus shot, a prescription for 10 days of antibiotics, heavy-duty bandaging, instructions to ice my leg and stay off it—and I’m out of there. This office takes pictures and notifies the animal control people.

Not quite a week later, after another doctor visit, I’m doing fine. “Good immune system,” she says. No pain, swelling down and I’m just very grateful it wasn’t worse.

This is the nature of accidents. You’re walking along minding your business, enjoying the day. Out of the blue, a dog runs over and bites you. A first time for everything.

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