Princess Ruth: Love and Tragedy in Hawaii

Just gave myself an awesome birthday gift—finishing my three-year novel: Princess Ruth: Love and Tragedy in Hawai’i. This was/is an ambitious undertaking, way over my head. So often, struggling at the door of the next thing to do, I was tempted to let go as I didn’t know what that next thing was. Then, without fail, something would happen to move me forward with writing and planning. Princess Ruth remains an organic process with so many hands and hearts lifted to help me.

 What a relief to finish! Or abandon, [Somebody said, “Books aren’t finished, there’re abandoned”]. I’ve needed to remember this, realizing I could spend the rest of my life chasing perfection. Now only remain a few printing decisions and Princess Ruth flies on her own. With, I hope a lot of help “getting the word out’ from you and you!

I begin picking up the threads of my put-aside life. I sit in the marvelous decision of which strands to pick up first: hula dancing, neglected garden, order in the kitchen, visiting with a friend, reading for fun? A pure treasure of time and choice awaits. In this moment, anything is possible—even cleaning my storage closet, even rescuing almost forgotten collage materials. What a luxury to have time and health and how interesting on this rainy dark morning in Hawai’i to feel blessed beyond measure.

Look for Princess Ruth in a month or so: my web pages, Amazon, Kindle.

And what have I learned lately?

I’m appreciating anew the blessings of routine and habit. Walking every day and face and stretching exercises anchor and confer health and that all important feeling good (what will I do now that Ophra’s gone). But I’m learning to just do it; do the walk, the exercise. Don’t think about it—just do it!

A book I’m studying and marking and studying again is Carolyn Myss’s Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason.

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