Review – Diane Moore – Field Marks, poetry

Struck by the wonderful accessibility of Diane Moore’s new collection of poetry, Field Marks, I’m also amazingly soothed by her diversity. These aren’t just bird poems, although the excellent poems are about birds, these are life poems. Life poems gained by mindful, conscious living.

Bath Behavior, for example, shows birds smart enough to shun usual adulterated rain water and poet Diane and friend caring enough to supply purified water to birds “fighting for splash space, rallying for a refreshing bath.” And the birds “uncaring about the source
of their unexplained conversion.”

Bird pictures are stunning and beautiful. The Red Cardinal alone, perched on the head of a stone saint, is worth the price of the book.

Many poems in this collection are my favorites—Transformation is a choice among them. I feel the poet describe herself: “I have made my own nest … spirit unencumbered.”

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