Solving Problems

I am really lousy at learning new computer tricks. Or even knowing old ones. Example: my Facebook pages have been messed up for a long time. Maybe even from the beginning! Or more probably, I didn’t/don’t know how to properly use them. Ditto for my web pages.

I’ve always gotten a bunch of spam. And emails from named friends in my address book—only one problem: when I actually look who sent the email sometimes the email is from a spam address. (That at last I’m gaining enough sense to block so I get a daily list of blocked emails that I never see. Can’t help but wonder if some are from friends who think I’m receiving them when I’m not!)

Fairly recently I’ve began again weekly Blogs every Friday. Sometimes I get comments, sometimes I don’t. Only occasionally will a name be attached. I sincerely apologize to those who send me messages with no reply—I didn’t see the message! I also must confess that I spend little time with Facebook, or other social media. Writing my books demands huge hunks of energy leaving little free time. I do read my email. And do reply. And struggle to learn better social media manners than simply posting a weekly blog!

Of course I live in fear of my Facebook pages and computer being compromised. Thank you for reading my Blogs. And being patient!

Meanwhile Book Two of my Memoir is being posted on Amazon and my web pages Those in my address file will soon be receiving an email.

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