Some books make you feel good.

They reinforce your vague ideas. Some name an ideal you’d like to see. Or share completely new information. Such is the brand new Hindol Sengupta’s, Being Hindu: Understanding A Peaceful Path in a Violent World.

Talk about inclusiveness and allowing each their own:

Swami Vivekananda felt that religion was something personal and unique to every person. He emphasized, “The end and aim of all religions is to realize God. The greatest of all training is to worship God alone. If each man [or woman] chose his [or her] own ideal and stuck to it, all religious controversy would vanish.

Not only were my Quaker sensitivities not disturbed by Being Hindu I found myself happy reading of Hindol Sengupta’s personal journey and learning of his prayer from a little boy: “God, please give me devotion, (good) intelligence / Set my mind on you, grant me wisdom.”

A take-away for me is to focus on my own spirituality, own wisdom, and how I can grow a better me in a better world. And that I’m to do my part in creating this better world.

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