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I’ve had it with people putting down alternative medicine. Even smart friends. They do it automatically. “Mumbo jumbo,” they say, “not real science. They sell their own products.”

Don’t get me wrong. I partake of regular medicine (Medicare) and darn glad to do so: two skin-cancer Mos. surgeries and excellent cataract surgeries. But also, over the years and through many moves and doctors, I’ve gotten awful advice and poor treatment.

Doctors, hospitals, medical mistakes are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S, says a recent TV ad. Doesn’t this shake you up a bit? Make you think that perhaps our regular medical system doesn’t have a total lock on Health and Healing?

My point—given the current state of medical care in the U.S.—why cut yourself off from possible health and healing? No matter the source of your health and healing?

To stay happy and healthy in this society, you better keep your wits about you. Figure best strategies. Here is mine. I go my internist and regular doctors for blood work and to find out what’s wrong with me. If my problem seems like a long-term chronic situation, I get to alternative care as quick as I can.

Handing over your precious health to anyone, anyone at all, is—to me—a grievous mistake. Your choices about health and healing belong to you.

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