It’s been a while since I published a blog. Many thanks to all of you for your positive responses and your suggestions for marketing my books.

Big changes. Heavy energy drains. Let me count some ways.

Medical. Not serious but skin cancer on my neck that required Mos (they cut and examine slices for cancer to be sure they got it all). No fun but not a gigantic deal either.

Moving. I’ve moved a lot—here, there, Hawaii and back. All over Florida as it turns out. And this most recent move from Cross Creek back to Gainesville, Florida—to an apartment. Overlooking a pond where I’ve counted four water fowl species, assorted squirrels and feral cats that residents feed, although they’re not supposed to.

But the actual moving itself. I did too much lifting and carrying so used am I to excellent health and energy. I about wore myself out. AND then had to deal with finding new places for my old things. AND remembering where I’d put them. I still recall long-time friend Kathleen Olive saying, “Moving is draining. Everything I pick up is a decision.” She’s right. All those decisions require energy.

And oh those aggravating, nagging tasks of getting electronic stuff to work properly: Internet, phone, TV. And on and on I could negatively go.

Yet, there’s exhilaration in freeing projects whose time never came, garments you plum forgot about and now find wearable, little treasures that may travel with you and some you give to friends or donate.

A time of reevaluation and rededication. Finding a new writing group that’s a pure blessing. Enjoying the convenience of town, new support, refound old friends, reconnecting. Life goes on. And, along with burgeoning new green Spring in North Florida, I, too, am reveling in returning energy. Savoring an enjoyable life.

As I hope you, even in these dark times, also find joy, hope and pleasure in simply being alive.


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