Being stuck, stymied, frustrated

drives me crazy. I have a goal, something I want to do. Or to get. And I can’t. My world is static, stuck in old patterns and I cannot, no matter what I do, I cannot move ahead. Here is my high road to depression.

Some coping methods I’ve learned. First: Is this a puzzle, an obstacle, or an entanglement? 365 Tao tells me, “A puzzle need only be analyzed carefully: It is like unraveling a ball of yarn and requires patience more than anything else. An obstacle must be overcome: We must use force and perseverance to either destroy or move away from what is blocking us. An entanglement mires us in a maze of limitations: This most dangerous of situations requires that we use all our resources to extricate ourselves as quickly as possible.”

365 Tao further advises to break down our problem into smaller pieces. And sometimes I need to break my goals into differing roads: health, life, financial, personal, and work for example.

Particular chosen habits are another thing that is of great help to me in keeping from getting stuck: I tie one thing to another: tie doing face and yoga exercises to a specific nightly TV program; tie my quick 20 minute daily walk to ‘just before lunch’.

And speaking of Habits – Meerabelle Dey, (June 23, 2015) shares her list of “Ten 5-Minute Habits That Can Change Your Life”, some easy, some surprising. (And these may keep us from ever getting stuck!)

  1. Make Your Bed, 2. Floss Daily 3. Always Say “Thank You.” 4. Leave Early (for appointments) 5. Make Your Own Coffee (save money) 6. Tip Generously 7. Don’t Leave Dirty Dishes In The Sink 8. Leave Every Room Better Than When You Entered It 9. Compliment Others 10. Make Sure Your Transportation Is Always Ready.

I’m learning: Stuck is a state of mind. I don’t have to go there. And neither do you!

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