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existing than are dreamt of in my philosophy – how about 32 half-siblings from sperm donations. Sunday’s (6-30-19) New York Times Magazine has an astonishing and excellent article on just this, “Brother, Sisters, Strangers” by Eli Baden-Lasar. Eli says, “I always knew that I was conceived using sperm donor. But I never really understood what that meant—until I went searching for my half siblings. All 32 of them.”

Eli does more than search—Eli wants to know them. Even a little. Eli takes pictures of each of his half-siblings. I’m not quite sure why, but this is a very affecting article. And the pictures. Raises questions. Unintended consequences.

Meanwhile, some time back I wrote a Blog mentioning favorite author’s who wrote series (I’m always looking for something good to read.) Which definition can vary quite a bit. Well I’ve found another: Susan Wittig Albert – cozy I guess, mysteries. But a main charm for me are the herbs she writes of and the gardens. Not everyone’s cup of lavender tea, but quite pleasant to wile away an hour or more.

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