This blog is an attempt

at explanation. Perhaps an excuse only? Reality? Anyway, here we go.
Technology is a means to an end for me. And is frequently aggravating because 1) equipment won’t work right 2) I don’t know how to fix it and always impatient with both the equipment and my ignorance (which does slow learning considerably!). Anyway you get the picture: technology and I try to be friends but it’s a true task on both our parts.
Then, when something really bizarre happens, something that I’ve no prayer of understanding—well my instinct is to back away quick! Leave it alone.
Now we get down to it: a major reason I have problems with Facebook is that a weird thing that I don’t understand is taking place—I’m getting email from Facebook friends that look like the emails are from my friends—B U T when I check their email addresses (after their name) I find the email is really, not from my friend, but from an address I now block:
For a while I was meticulous about notifying the real person (from my address book) and asking them if they’d sent that email; they never were. Now I just receive daily lists of emails from Facebook that come directly into my spam blocker folder. Weird.
Even more troubling are the Internet sites that offer free downloads of my books! I’m sick. I work for years on my books, offer them for sale on Amazon/Kindle and on my web site. And then Internet sites I never heard of, offer FREE downloads of my books! How? What? Who would do this?
Back to Facebook. I am leery of Facebook and use it mainly to post blogs. Soon I hope to have time, and find the right technical people, to decipher what’s going on.
For now: I muddle through and if I don’t answer you on Facebook, please understand—there’s a reason! And contact me directly—email is my preferred method.

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