Wildest Dream

Princess Ruth

My wildest dream is to help people learn Hawaii’s true story. And to expose current practices in the islands concerning GMOs (genetically modified organism) and pesticides.

The best way to fuel your wildest dream – I’ve both heard and learned through experience – is to trumpet your wildest dream to the universe: Tell acquaintances. Tell friends. Tell strangers even. Put out the word. Tell yourself in affirmations. Pray to your deity.

And pray this way according to Sophy Burnham:

             “But prayer is a law of the universe, like gravity. You don’t even have to believe in God to ask, but you must follow the rules. Imagine there is a giant radio station out in space, … a receiving station, and all you have to do is to beam your thought, your longing to that station, and if it is received clearly, without static, the answer comes pouring down upon you immediately—instantly, with an abundance of delight, for it is the pleasure of the universe to give us what we need.

            The question is, how do we send our thought in such a way that it can be received?” [Sophy Burnham gives this example of an ineffective way to pray “Don’t let my baby die.” Effective, “Thank you for letting my baby live.” More examples on pp 222-6 of A Book of Angels: Reflections on Angels Past and Present and True Stories of How They Touch Our Lives.

 Not defending solely on prayer I continue to do what I can. But also to move along my wildest dream here is what I affirm/pray every day: Thank you Universe, for my Princess Ruth: Love & Tragedy in Hawaii now being a wonderful movie.

And here’s how I express my heartfelt gratitude: Thank you Universe, for the wonderful people who support my work. Thank you.

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