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Princess Ruth
Love and Tragedy in Hawaii
Authored by Jo Ann Lordahl

Princess Ruth had my heart as soon as I saw her on the cover of The High Chiefess: Ruth Keelikolani. This is the story of Princess Ruth, the richest woman in Hawaii, and how Samantha, a haole newcomer, settles into renewed love and life on Kauai, the oldest, most spiritual of the islands. Major themes are GMOs, Hawaii's fateful history and women's special stories including Princess Ruth stopping a fiery volcano cold in its tracks. Kauai's natural beauty, places and the forbidden island of Niihau are interwoven.
Princess Ruth: Love and Tragedy in Hawaii features a map of Hawaii, many factual endnotes, a book list of resources, and a chronology of Hawaiian royalty from antiquity, including Princess Ruth dates.

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Princess Ruth is amazing! Jo Ann Lordahl has produced a delicious read with unexpected kicks. Her fictional narrator, island newcomer Samantha carries the reader from a hula heiau to Queen Emma's stunning private beach --and reveals the raw side of paradise: use of land, ancient history, and Hawaiian views of sovereignty. Who knew learning new things could be such hula hoops of enjoyment! Thank you, Jo Ann. And we won't mention those 200 endnotes in a novel!” - Joyce Lain Kennedy, Syndicated columnist, San Diego, CA
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My awakening in my 20s was harsh and clear: No self-esteem, no money, no education, no supportive circle of friends. Amid smashed dreams and coming out of marriage to an alcoholic with a child in tow, my only assets were an old green Studebaker and my baby and me being invited home until I could get on my feet. As the hard weight of my aloneness and the full responsibility for a child impacted, I knew I'd hit some kind of bottom. Yet I felt strangely free and hopeful. My future was in my own hands. I vowed then to get out of my powerless position and to create a life I desired.

Thus began my journey to financial independence, a path transformed over time into many books and guides for myself and others—financial, health, and spiritual. And the fun and learning books of poetry, romances, and novels.

Jo Ann Lordahl is a writer, therapist, workshop leader, and speaker. She has held jobs as diverse as director of psychological services for students at Florida Atlantic University to teaching applied psychology at Brock University in Canada, and from managing the Task Force Division for Statistical Tabulating Corporation in St. Louis to teaching statistics at Florida A&M University. She also has taught community education courses, diet workshops, poetry-as-therapy, money, spirituality, and writing and journal-keeping workshops. She coordinated Women’s Voices, a performance-based poetry group in Gainesville, Florida.

Entranced by the peace and serenity of Hawaii, when she attended a writers conference in Maui ten years ago, she immediately relocated and immersed herself in the history of the islands. She is currently at work on a fictional recreation of a legendary princess of Kaua’i, the oldest Hawaiian island. She is now hosting Hawaiian Writing Retreats.

She has published 9 books of non-fiction, 2 novels, 4 romances, 7 poetry and written a play, Four Women Speak and a screenplay, Live Oak Plantation. Direct inquiries about speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars to her personally at

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