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A Secret Kept in Hawaii
A Samantha Novel
Authored by Jo Ann Lordahl

JoAnn Hawaii9B150A sequel to Princess Ruth, A Secret Kept in Hawaii continues Samantha’s story. Set amidst the beauty of her Garden Island home of Kauai, Samantha embarks on a spiritual quest to face her personal struggles with fidelity, militarism, and care of the ‘aina (land), while also staying in touch through letters to her warrior husband, Kaimana, now on duty abroad.

While on her quest, Samantha purposefully, and sometimes quite accidentally, evolves into a woman we can admire and, through her journey, she wonderfully illuminates our own.


“The freedom to choose and to change belongs to us.” [Deng Ming-Dao, 365 Tao Daily Meditations, day 182]



A Hawaiian tale of love, locale, character, charm, conflict, and current happenings you’ll want to read more than once., April 15, 2014 

By Joyce Lain Kennedy (San Diego, CA USA) – If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Hawaii but time or budget isn’t cooperating, author Jo Ann Lordahl’s newest work, “A Secret Kept in Hawaii,” is the next best thing,. Its engrossing story reveals how 21st century change –including bullies and badies– impacts the Hawaiian people and their land.

Wow, JoAnn Lordahl does it again! A Secret Kept is indeed a worthy sequel to Princess Ruth., April 7, 2014

By Claire Vierkoetter- owner Kauai Kai Weddings

This time the ride is wilder and unrepressed as Samantha’s profound journey of self-awareness offers a bright and shiny mirror for all of us who have tripped and traveled on our own paths. Jo Ann eloquently puts into words the fog enshrouded ideas, thoughts and truths that many of us have been unable to.

Our precious Kauai is the central stage as Jo Ann masterfully weaves critical present day and past issues into the juicy story line. Intriguing, educational, and eye-opening, the formidable issues also transverse the globe. GMO facts and figures, aggressive global corporations, offensive, outrageous military and government inadequacies, religious idiosyncrasies….This book compels you to take notice and keeps you eagerly engaged.

Way to go JoAnn! And once again…WOW!

My non-fiction books offer you choices and blueprints. Shattered dreams remain unhappy lives until, and unless, we make sense of them. We need to make better choices and learn to follow through. You can take charge of your affairs. You can create a life you love.

My awakening in my 20s was harsh and clear: No self-esteem, no money, no education, no supportive circle of friends. Amid smashed dreams and coming out of marriage to an alcoholic with a child in tow, my only assets were an old green Studebaker and my baby and me being invited home until I could get on my feet. As the hard weight of my aloneness and the full responsibility for a child impacted, I knew I’d hit some kind of bottom. Yet I felt strangely free and hopeful. My future was in my own hands. I vowed then to get out of my powerless position and to create a life I desired.

Thus began my journey to financial independence, a path transformed over time into many books and guides for myself and others—financial, health, and spiritual. And the fun and learning books of poetry, romances, and novels.