The Secret Series

Secrets, a Novel – Book 1


Jo Ann, I stayed fascinated with Secrets and finished it right after I got home.
– Ann Jordan

I love the naked lady bathroom. Kathleen Olive

I read Secrets again and enjoyed it even more the 2nd time – the beauty and depth of your writing. I kept saying to myself, I know the person who actually wrote this! There are passages of obsolete Truth (capital T), that reminded me why I value you so much as a friend, dear wise woman.
– Nancy Butler Ross

I’m honored to appear in your novel. [Secrets] Can you let me know when it’s published so that I can order a copy?
– Diane Wakoski

Jo Ann Says:

My speech about the writing of Secrets is already prepared. Its title: How to Write a Novel in 27 Years! Here from the dedication: “Particular thanks go to James Jones (From Here to Eternity). At a highly critical point in my writing career (if publishing a gothic-romance can be called a writing career), I was privileged to step behind the scenes with a ‘real’ writer. [Writing classes at Florida International University]. Catlin is my creation modeled on James Jones, and mine alone. Like all fiction it is truth, truthful lies and truth bent to get effects you want. I tried to be entertaining and educational.”

Secrets is the first novel of the Secrets Trilogy. The second is Wolf World and the third is A Free Woman (work-in-progress


Wolf World: A Contemporary Novel – Book 2

Wolf World Book 2 of Secrets Series

Again Jo Ann proves her ability to stand on the forefront of women’s issues and concerns and to speak new truths, formerly considered unthinkable, to help women liberate themselves from the chains of past misconceptions and prejudices.
Joyce Kennedy

Jo Ann I read this in one setting because it kept moving right along. Let me know when it’s published!!
– Ann Jordan

Jo Ann Says:

Wolf World is the second novel in the Secrets Trilogy. The first, Secrets, took 27 years to write, get published. Wolf World also took quite a few years. And a lot more living! Once I was quite surprised when my mother asked why all my poetry was so sad (it isn’t of course!). I told her, and I think it’s true of most of my writing, that by giving expression to deepest feelings even negative ones, I don’t have to keep them! Writing is cathartic. I also notice that publishing – self or otherwise – means a piece of work is laid to a certain degree of rest. It’s off your mind. You’re free to move on. Speaking of which, I’m now excited about writing a novel set in contemporary Hawaii.