My Unveiled Face: A Memoir of a Free Woman

My Unveiled Face: A Memoir of a Free Woman – Book One

My Unveiled Face Book 1

A very readable inside look at a woman growing herself to be a published writer and poet.
Joyce Kennedy, Syndicated Careers Columnist, Tribune News Services

In her skillfully crafted memoir, JoAnn Lordahl shares her life’s ongoing dance balancing her personal life with her professional life as a successful writer in a culture that holds women as invisible. A formidable task, indeed.
Caroline Anaya, M.S., Nutritionist, Fitness Professional, and Writer.

The painful self-probing done in this book reminds me of Jung’s books and that which he went through in his analyses of himself to further the work of psychoanalysis. No memory stone is left unturned, and the memoir is a contribution to the fields of feminism and self-actualization. A courageous record of a woman’s inner life. – Rev Diane Moore, & website


My Unveiled Face: A Memoir of a Free Woman – Book Two

My Unveiled Face Book 2

Slip inside the life of a writer–poetry, romance, healing, determination, and success. The woman who created herself, from poverty and struggles through learning, grit, survival, quest and focus and achievement. Jo Ann reviews life choices, revealing (through unfiltered journal entries, letters, and emails–sent and unsent) the highs and lows of the creative path.

With an honest and clear look at the people, situations, and opportunities she encountered on her life journey, Jo Ann appraises with the bittersweet eye of hindsight the roads traveled, detoured from, and left behind. Her willingness to share intimate moments and secrets opens windows and doors to those who, mentor-less, fight the same battles and blindly–hoping for the best–follow the same paths.

Women in particular have faced the walls of privacy and confidentiality–the issues no one talks about, the topics that remain off-topic–and are still desperate to know that they are not alone, that they have a kinship with other writers, other women, in getting past the boundaries and obstructions that, without a map or guidelines, seem insurmountable. There is light at the end of the tunnel…but a glimmer here and there in the darkness holds out a promise that life does not culminate in a joyless dead end.

Jo Ann’s story–intimate, personal, and conversational. She is talking to herself. She is talking to you. Truly unveiling the creation of a writer.


My Unveiled Face: A Memoir of a Free Woman – Book Three

My Unveiled Face Book 3

My Unveiled Face–Book Three marks the final installment of the making of a woman…and a writer. As she enters her ninth decade, spinner of romantic tales, weaver of historic truths, and proponent of physical and financial well-being, Jo Ann Lordahl revisits the men, women, events, places, life choices and stumbles that faced and faced off with her on the hardscrabble road to self-discovery, awareness, and acceptance.With an astonishing willingness to share, she recounts, appraises, and re-appraises all–from intimate moments and secrets to windows and doors flung open. While everyone fights their own and yet the same battles, Jo Ann feels that women in particular have been isolated from one another, sharing confidences but hiding fundamental doubts and fears.Through her life story, she offers kinship and togtherness…a hand waiting to be grasped…and the conviction that no one is truly alone. Self-isolation may be a part of the process, but the ultimate impetus of the journey lies in growth–self-blossoming.