Age into Beauty: Checklist for Aging

Age into Beauty: Checklist for Aging

Age into Beauty: Checklist for Aging

I’ve been living and writing a long time. First published 1974.

Yet Age Into Beauty is different: I worried if I could keep motivation?
Through the Covid pandemic? Did I know enough? Did I have anything meaningful to say about timeless subjects of life and death? What were my questions?

I saw no way around telling my deepest truth. But how did I really feel about bottom line issues of life and death? What was below thought?

With courage, answers arrived. Soon enough came an answer that has stayed with me through weekly readings with my writing group. Before helpful friends every week I would read my offerings. Every week I’d scour my brain, look over a reading file I’d kept for years, chase through libraries for new books. And always, kept in mind, were my constant questions: How to live better? How to die better?

Encouragement came. Besides offering ways I could improve, members would take notes of books I was writing about, useful hints, things I’d done right or wrong. It became clear that information I gathered was useful.

Not once but every single time I’d bring my offerings, people would take notes on their phones, jot notes on random pieces of paper. My hope from beginning words is that Age Into Beauty will bolster us in lending courage to live and die gracefully, and with something like acceptance. And that most especially You, the reader, will find enjoyment, solace, and helpful ideas.

My name is Jo Ann Lordahl.