The End of Motherhood: New Identities New Lives

The End of Motherhood: New Identities New Lives

End of Motherhood New Identities New Lives

When active motherhood is over-what now? By exploring all aspects of a woman’s midlife, she is empowered to actualize herself and, through using spiritual growth, to create and achieve her individual goals.

Society lied to us. What will we do now? This book speaks directly to women in the present pain of the end of active motherhood.

Reader Comments

I have recommended your book to my class at Regis College.
– Ruth Harriet Jacobs

Jo Ann Says:

Shattered dreams remain unhappy lives until, and unless, we make sense of the lost dreams. And are able to pick up the pieces. Make new and better choices.

This is a woman’s guide to independence. A woman’s guide to living to her full potential – however she wishes to exercise that freedom.