Reconnecting The Healing Circle (Fibroids: Reconnecting the Healing Circle)

Reconnecting The Healing Circle

Do You Have Fibroid Tumors?

See your doctor for an accurate diagnosis if you are between the ages of 35-54 and experience these symptoms:

–Excessive Menstrual Bleeding
–Pelvic Pain And Pressure
–Urinary Incontinence
–Cyclical increase in symptoms

If your results, like Jo Ann’s, indicate benign tumors, then Fibroid Tumors: Reconnecting The Healing Circle can set you on the physical and spiritual path to a stronger connection to who you are and a powerful understanding of how your body and mind work in concert for good health and healing.

–How to stay upbeat when your body betrays you with sickness
–How to listen to what your body’s symptoms are telling you about your physical well-being and state-of-mind
–How to search for realistic health alternatives
–How to increase your energy, spirituality, accomplishments, and joy
–How to find clues to your own health and emotional well-being
–How to positively impact your own rate of healing
–How to work through the pain
–How to look for–and find!–natural healers
–How to utilize your intuitive nature to isolate and overpower physical and emotional pain
–How to develop a creative outlet to find peace within

Take positive action today and change your
health, your life, and how you live it.

Jo Ann Lordahl’s FIBROID TUMORS: Reconnecting The Healing Circle has made a difference in the lives of those who have taken it to heart.

It can change your life, too.