100 Motivators for Educators: Affirmations For Good Health and Good Living

100 Motivators for Educators

Good health is a passion of mine. As is encouraging educators and people of all kinds. A main message of this book is to pay attention to your health; you will be repaid many times. 100 Motivators is meant to inform, inspire and uplift. Thank you for your kind letters and feedback over the years.

Read, enjoy, find yourself. I’d love to hear from you. I will always read your letters and emails and will reply as my schedule permits.

100 Motivators for Educators: Affirmations for Good Health and Good Living is meant most deliverately as encouragement for teachers, parents, administrators and other lifetime learners. The emphasis is definitely on what we can learn and do. Themes of change, motivation, good health, exercise, nutrition, diet and spiritual development, including econolgy, are interwoven in 100 Motivators for Educators. many references are given so you may easily find those pertaining directly to you. And of course use these recommendations as stepphing stones to finding your best information.