My Red Tiger

My Red Tiger

My Red Tiger

My Red Tiger is a rich adventure to ancient lands, customs and peoples.

“I have always been interested in pyramids,” says Lila Newport. We soon find Lila at the Egyptian pyramids outside Cairo with Ken, the man she’s loved forever. But danger sings in the air beneath the Sphinx, weathered by timeless desert sand.

Mix in money and family and Ken’s surprise lover — betrayal at every turn. Add running away to Mexico and a jungle tour or two with a guide named Juan who is too good to be true. Slither in a freely roaming snake and a small child, Corrie, who requires protection and enjoy the action heating up.

As a bonus, learn about Chichen-Itza, Merida, Mayans and sacred wells and sacrifices of gold and jade. Meet a red tiger with jade green eyes. And learn: could it be that perhaps, after all, the red tiger and this pyramid point the way to a happy ending in spite of it all?


My Red Tiger 3D Book Cover